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True Rights

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                                                                                  What are True Rights

This article is about our understanding of what makes our Republic unique to any other forms of Government in the world.

In my discussions of the Republic of the United States with individuals over the past several years, it is the defining of what it means to have true individual unalienable rights and to be sovereign that makes our form of government most unique. With the people I think it is safe to say that the general populace does not understand the true nature of their rights and how they relate to government and therefore cannot use or apply them.

It is my hope to give the people the power to use them in everyday life and to drive back the forces that have altered the original 1776 Republic form of government to perfect their personal or corporate agenda.

Of course it is generally understood in history that all governments eventually in time will become corrupt. The purity of the original constructs technically and emotionally of the beginnings of a new society must be preserved in order for it to be maintain throughout time. To my knowledge this has never been achieve by man forming any government.

Now what needs to be asked is can our freedoms be made clear and defined into a usable form were the general public can recognized and use them. The answer is yes. The Declaration of Independence, for example; We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain un-alienable rights. Among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now most people just read over the Declaration of Independence and say such a lovely document and do not really look into the significant of what it says. First off the document states plainly that our rights were endowed by their creator. Is this plain enough? Our forefathers recognize a supreme being. Weather you believe or not is not the point. The point is they did and they created the beginnings of this government with that understanding and through the oath that each public servant says to assume office binds them in to agreement to uphold this understanding.

Now in the Declaration of Independence it uses the word unalienable. did you know that the word,” unalienable” or Unalienable Rights means, "non changeable non transferable cannot be given up except by the person who processed them", Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th edition. The Declaration of Independence also states that man was endowed by the creator with certain unalienable Rights which makes it clear that our forefathers recognized rights that did not come from man or government but a power beyond man, also it states that in order to secure these rights governments are instituted by man so man created government and therefore man was the creator and government is the created positioning man in the supreme position over government. Now weather you believe in God or not the Declaration of Independence says what it says and our government officials are bound to it as stated based on their oath to it.

Has it not become obvious that in the Declaration of Independence as defined by our forefathers, it is God that created man and endowed him with certain Unalienable rights. Then man created the Constitution, then the Constitution defined and created government. Finally the corporations were spawned from government. Now I ask you? How can corporations which are now creating statutes, codes, rules and regulations today and operating as the superior law, be superior to what is define by God, man, (vested in supreme authority by God positioning him in the sovereign position)?

 By Spike!

Houston, Texas/ Chattanooga, Tennessee
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