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Coat of Arms Explained The Order of Constitution Defenders,
"Bikers of the Republic"

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered,as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers and willgenerally, even if these are successful in the first instance enable the people to resist and triumph over them....  Quoted from Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution(1833) Former Associate Justice of US Supreme Court Bylaws 

- Our Emblem -


s is, The Order of Constitution Defenders, Brotherhood, The Iron Horse Riders of the Republic indicative of the Minute Men of 1776 which is our Cavalry, a branch of the National, "The Order Of Constitution Defenders", contrived from an Assembly of, "We the People".


  We are a Brotherhood that exist to promote the Peoples well being and form a rigid Order to promote and practice a free life style indicative and base on the American Founding documents. In order to establish the true righteous position this Assembly recognizes as it was defined in 1776 a Constitutional Republic and exist to promote the well being of the People and the Republic. Our Constitution is not a incorporation and is structured to provide limited authority through the consent of, "We the People", (Sovereign) to grant limited power to Government to provide protection for the Rights and freedoms of the People. This limited Governmental authority is bound in contact and sealed by the public servant's Oath and as stated as the Organic Law, the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  
   The Order, which represents just what it says, an Order and a Brotherhood not Anarchy or destruction but live by the Rule of Law which empowers and protects flesh and blood man, woman & child.  It is defined in true law that it is our Right to travel, freedom to ride and not to be harassed or constricted with color of law contrived by the congressional Statues of man that cannot stand Constitutional validity when challenged and also repugnant to the Constitution & the Organic law therefore is demonstrated to be null and void. This position can only be tempered by maintaining the logistical and philosophical standard of the Republic. This philosophy is the supreme Organic law and must be maintained for our freedom and is the price for our freedom and therefore it is recognized that with this understanding it is our honor and duty as volunteer motorcycle riders of the Iron Horse, that our Order of "We the People" will maintained the standard of the Constitutional Republic.

      Our standard is realized in references in the biblical law, contract law, the original founding documents, Constitutional law, maxims in law, case law, the founding fathers quotes, federalist and anti federalist papers reference in history and historical documents in practical example and application to fully illustrate the true original intent and interpretation of the law implemented in historical beginnings of the primary year of 1776.

     The Constitution Defenders, supportive of solid Constitutional base Government but separate from any Government through the restraints realized by the founding documents. We the People can not be forced into involuntary servitude or enter into forced contracts or subjugated by the good and services rendered from any Government, Article 13, Bill of Rights. The results would be to be ultimately bound buy it therefore losing our Sovereign position verses the original intent of Government which is to serve us by maintaining our freedoms as defined in the Founding Documents and therefore protecting our Sovereignty.

    For our Defender Brotherhood in foreign lands we offer the understanding of  this Constitutional Republic we live by for you to gain by this understanding so as to be implemented by your Order. Ultimately!, your freedom is nested in the argument in the Law of Contracts, established by first understanding and knowing the true righteous position. Your true heritage as a Sovereign can only be realized through the power of nullification through the basic rules of contracts that is 1000's of years old. Only then can Governments once again serve you.

     The American Constitution is a contract between us the Sovereign, "We the People" and the Government and is created through the drafting of the Constitution. Government, mandated by the Declaration of Independence exist to protect our interest but also restricted by the very documents that created and define it. The Order of Constitution Defenders uses this knowledge to maintain our freedom and keep the necessary proverbial fire at bay. To all of our Constitution Defender community that is out there; Long life in the understanding of basic Human Rights which evolved and was later to be found self evident and formalized into the, "Bill of Rights". Please read it. for it is written, Hosea: 4-6, "My People are destroyed for Lack of Knowledge". Long live the Constitutional Republic. Understand it and truly be free.


     We serve no hidden agenda. Our Brotherhood is of the higher cause and indicative of the Mother Branch in our actions but more rigid in our logical positions. As stated in the original Defender Mission statement, We ride to educate, bring together, organize, and implement a Sovereign, Constitutionally correct, free, independent, fun seeking/ loving self sufficient, and logistically strong community of Constitution Defenders of America and abroad, consisting of all people, races and colors which are..."We The People". 

    Our Defender Riders of today and the iron horse that transport them operates in the understanding of duty to the protection of the brothers, families and the Republic for the People.  This is indicative and representative of the Minute Men of 1776 and the original 13 colonies, which were the original Riders on their flesh and blood horses of old. Like our forefathers, We are the Guardians or the Defenders of the Constitutional Republic, we swear an oath to it like our public servants and we will ride and we will be free by it, one Flag, one Nation, one Common Law doctrine of freedom shared by all in America and any nation state that accepts the Repubic.

     We will serve this purpose by demonstrating it in our actions which involves how we live, and represent yourself day to day. Not only do we have a good values and encourage our fellow iron horse Brothers to ride and enjoy life but to be civic minded and run for public servant office in order to maintain a Constitutional base society. We will attend political events, benefits, conventions, fun raisers, charities and rally's. We will be on call when needed for brothers in trouble, court watches, protest rides/ marches, protection of the Order and We the People from terrine by the clear violation of their Supreme, Original, Organic, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Unalienable Rights.


It has been demonstrated through all of mankind’s history that without the individual means of self defense to exact balance with our created Governments by We the People there will be eventually an arrogance that is developed within the very construct that was originally purposed for our safety and protection. Within time Governments will most inevitably attempt to exact absolute control in the name of security but in reality their control is more about their own security, power seeking, selfish, self centered hidden agenda's of the body politic in the name of the law. Our forefathers understood this as being part of the negative side of the social equation of man and therefore through the creation of the organic law, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights would exact a measure that would maintain the balance of what we are as an individual in our relationship with Government and how we interact in society. This balance can be maintained as long as we maintain the Republic standard through the wisdom passed on from our forefathers from one generation to another.

      The Constitution Defenders Brotherhood flesh and blood man and woman must understand the way of the Republic. Through the study of the Scriptural constructs of the Creator, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights as well as of the Founding Father quotes, History, Maximums in Law, Federalist and Anti Federalist papers, Contract law, Commerce law, tort law, types of judicial systems, courts and court procedures of 1776 verses now, a final conclusion will be reach that will bring us all to full maturity and discipline of what is truly human Rights, realized in the common, organic law. There must be not only one philosophical position but also a logistical one as defined by the philosophy in history in which a true balance between We the People and Government can be understood.

     Now once this true standard position is understood then one must choose either to live it or not. If we choose not to live the understanding then what position does that put us in? To do so means there is a responsibility for each of us to work together to do just that. For to protect the Republic one finds it necessary to maintain a self sufficient and strong defense to support the philosophical standard. In the time of old in the 1600 and 1700's of our history the town crier would ride through the colony and cry, "To Arms, To Arms,  to alert everyone of danger and then each man would muster to the door with gun and power to protect the Colony. This is the true position of the standard the Constitution Defenders and the Defender Brotherhood that we live by.

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The Constitution is not an instrument for the Government to restrain the People, it is an instrument for the People to restrain the Government.     Patrick Henry
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