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Advertising Specs

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    Advertising with us is a simple process. Throughout our site, you will notice blue "Advertise Here" graphics. These are our standard slots or positions for advertisements. Though, if you desire a custom approach, as to the sizes, positions, and/or placements of your advertisement, we are open to discuss your ideas. Pricing will be determined on such factors as: Specific Page(s), Position(s) on Page, Sizes(s), and Duration of display. We will use your advertisement graphic with the specifications found below, or we can create one for you for a small fee, starting at $25.

Standard Ad: 200 pixels wide x 125 pixels high, 72ppi min. JPG file format, 50KB max. (see example below)

Custom Ad:   Per mutual agreement

Contact us through any of the methods below, for all of your advertising inquiries. We will then supply you with a quote via email. We look foward to working with you!

888-295-6930 (toll free)


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